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Average Landing

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Avg Landing: -120 FPM

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Live Flights

Airline Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
SCC010Bob MitchellKLAXKSEAB75202.01-251 ft/mAccepted
SCC103James MartinKAUSMMUNLearjet 4502.28-654 ft/mAccepted
SCC77James MartinKSJTKAUSKing Air 20000.53-151 ft/mAccepted
SCC102James MartinKORLKAUSLearjet 4502.40-261 ft/mAccepted
SCC101James MartinKAUSKORLLearjet 4502.28-450 ft/mAccepted
SCC010Bob MitchellKDFWKLAX1900D04.26-65 ft/mAccepted
SCC76James MartinKDFWKSJTKing Air 20001.03-118 ft/mAccepted
SCC72James MartinKAUSKDFWKing Air 20000.52-189 ft/mAccepted
SCC74James MartinKAUSKABIKing Air 20000.53-206 ft/mAccepted
SCC5646Richard HamukaEGGPEGFFBaron 5800.50-194 ft/mAccepted

Pilots Online

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Pilots: 9
Total Airline Hours: 847
Flights: 592
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 276,110
Aircraft: 78
Passengers: 39,219

Newest Pilots

PVA013 James Martin
PVA011 John Marionneaux
PVA010 Bob Mitchell
PVA007 Greer Trumble
PVA006 George Pap